A journey of taste for your palate

... At "Thalassographia" you don't just meet with your favorite person, your friends or your partners. You also meet the beauty of nature, the wave music, the hidden messages in the colors of the evening, the blue sky that embraces the sea ...


"Thalassographia" in Rethymno opened 19 years ago at the tallest point of the old town close to Fortezza castle.

An old Venetian building, perfectly in harmony with the scenery, next to the historic fortress of Fortezza and overlooking the beauty of the vast sea.

It all began with a few tables, but with high mood and energy, and although over the years the number of tables has increased, the essence remains the same: a loose and hanging-out mood !!


...an oasis of pleasure

rethymnon restaurant


Book a table for two with the best Greek dishes served for the anniversary. Or reserve a bigger one for a huge family to get together one sunny day. Gather your friends together!


You can also impress your boss by choosing the best place for corporate party with your co-workers. Reserve a table, set the menu, choose the drinks and invite your guests!


75 seats for 75 guests are all at your disposal. Organize a party for a huge company and have fun in Thalassographia. Show your friends the real world of Greek cuisine and especially Cretan vibes.