"Thalassographia" opened 19 years ago at the tallest point of the old town.

An old Venetian building, perfectly in harmony with the scenery, next to the historic fortress of Fortezza and overlooking the beauty of the vast sea.

It all began with a few tables, but with high mood and energy, and although over the years the number of tables has increased, the essence remains the same: a loose and hanging-out mood !!

Whatever time of the day you choose, for coffee, food or drinks, the view will reward you ...In the morning, with the sun sun travelling accross the blue sky, filling with light and shine the motion of the sea; at midday, with a cool breeze as it's coming directly from the castle walls; at sunset, which paints the sky using the most impressive colors and gradually gives its place to the starry night sky of Crete...

All this combined with impeccable personal service and exciting flavors.